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Playhouse Theatre is one of our nations oldest purpose built movie theatres, circa 1919.  Now a Cooperative, general Public is Welcome!

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Playhouse Movie Theatre Patrons:

Tammy asked me to convey some information to the patrons of the Playhouse regarding her early unscheduled retirement as Theatre Manager. Rumors have come back to us that Tammy got in a car crash, got run over by a tractor, etc..

Three weeks ago Tammy was thrown off her riding lawn mower as the machine popped out of gear on a steep grade. She shattered the top of her tibia into many pieces at the knee, was taken to Dartmouth by ambulance, and has undergone three painful surgeries to date. Bill Lynch and I finished playing the scheduled shows and fulfilled commitments. Another surgery seems likely for a knee replacement due to the amount of breaks that come into play with the knee movement. That surgery cannot be done until the bone breaks heal so that they have something to attach to. Her recovery to walk is expected to take many months; possibly a year. She is doing well and I am her nurse fulltime. Normal day to day functions are a challenge.

In light of this development and our recommendation; the Cooperative Board held a meeting two weeks ago and will be looking for a new manager. Arny Spahn will take over the financial’s the beginning of this month. Tammy and I have made ourselves available to train the new manager and help make this transition as smooth as possible for the continued success of Playhouse Movie Theatre.

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